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This page is to help you, the parents, to help your children at home.
Below is information on the work we do with KS4, for the other Key stages click the link using the above menu.

Key Stage 4

Students in KS4 follow an academic programme that mixes core and elective IGCSE subjects. Information about the course content students will be covering in each can be found on the individual TBS subject pages.

IGCSE is the first time that most children will have their academic performance assessed externally. Some students may need additional help to deal with the linguistic, organisational and conceptual challenge that IGCSEs can present. However, there is no reason why language or learning difficulties should stop students making good progress in KS4.

The school follows the Cambridge (CIE) IGCSE in the majority of cases, which is the most popular international curriculum for 14-16 years-olds. This means that examinations and syllabuses are carefully designed to avoid linguistic or cultural bias for non-native English speakers. Cambridge programmes are intended to develop global awareness whilst supporting the development of language proficiency.

CIE will also make special access arrangements for students who need help to perform at their best in examinations. These access arrangements can include:

  • Extra time in examinations
  • Use of a word processor
  • Rest breaks
  • Modified papers
  • Readers/scribes
  • Exemption from elements of an examination

Most of these access arrangements must be applied for in advance and are agreed on the basis of evidence provided by school and, in some instances, professionals outside school. If this is something that would benefit your child, their mentor or the Learning Support department will discuss this with you at the appropriate time.

In addition, school will identify and provide one-to-one or small group assistance for students who require additional support. At the moment this includes:

  • In class support from qualified learning support staff and language teachers
  • Where school feels it is necessary, the provision of individually designed differentiated support materials covering both course content and examination skills
  • Team teaching to ensure the needs of specific groups of students are being closely focused upon
  • Where the need is extreme, extraction classes and additional learning support to complement classroom teaching

Student in year 9?

Students will get a great deal of advice about selecting their options and preparing for IGCSEs when they are in year 9. Most students will be able, with some of the arrangements outlined above, to follow a full programme of IGCSE subjects. It is unlikely but possible that a student would be better suited to following a modified curriculum; for example, taking fewer elective subjects and having more individual support on key skills or language acquisition. Again, If this is something that would benefit your child, their mentor or the Learning Support department will discuss this with you at the appropriate time.

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