Phonics at Key Stage 1

Let's Make Learning Phonics Fun and Easy!

Learning phonics becomes easy with an action for each sound. We have included the actions for the most important sounds which will help the children to remember. It’s an effective way of teaching sounds.

The letters are introduced in a different order so that the children can make simple words even with just the few initial sounds. Have a jolly time with phonics at home!

s - Weave arms like a snake while making the sssssssss sound.

a - Pretend the ants are crawling up your arms and say a a a a. (Also remind that 'a' is a special letter called a vowel)

t - Turn your head from side to side as if watching tennis and say t t t t.

i - Pretend to be a mouse and wriggle fingers at the end of the nose saying i i i i i. (Remind that 'i' is another vowel)

p - Imagine your finger is a candle and try to puff out the candle saying p p p p.

n - Hold your arms out and pretend to be an aeroplane making a continuous nnnnnn sound.

c/k - Raise hands and snap fingers as if playing castanets saying c c c c c.

e - Pretend to hold an egg, then use both hands to open egg shell saying e e e e e.(Another special letter called a vowel)

h - Pretend you are panting and say h h h h as if you are out of breath.

r - Pretend to be a puppy holding a blanket and shake your head ,making a rrrrrrrrrrr sound.

m - Rub tummy and say mmmmmmm.

d - Play a drum, moving hands up and down saying d d d d.

g - Pretend your hand is water going round and round down the drain saying g g g g.

o - Point your finger as if pushing a the switch on and off saying o o o o. (Another special letter)

u - Make upward motion with hands as if putting up an umbrella saying u u u u.(Another

l - Stick out your tongue and pretend to lick a lolly saying l l l l.

f - Bring your hands together as if the fish is deflating making a ffffff sound.

Here are some useful websites to practise phonics: