Literacy at Key Stage 2

The Learning Support focus in Key Stage 2 is Literacy. This page will outline the Literacy topics in each year group for this term and give some websites that will allow you to access the topics at home. Featured topics are in bold script.

Year 3

  • Traditional tales
  • Non-Chronological Reports
  • Performance Poetry

This website has spoken versions of all the classic traditional tales, such as ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ as well as other activities.

Take a look at these examples of performance poetry and see which ones you think are the most effective.

Year 4

  • Stories From Imaginary Worlds
  • Explanation Texts
  • Poetry - Creating images

This website introduces you to the wonderful world of Michael Rosen and his barmy world of poetry. Key Stage 2 children love his poems - especially 'No Breathing!'.

This website from arch-educationalist Pie Corbett gives you lots of examples of all the different types of poems you'll encounter at school, as well as methods for getting stuck into your own poetry.

Year 5

  • Instructions
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Stories by Significant Authors

What more significant author is there for children than Roald Dahl? This great website is kid-friendly and packed with exciting activities.

Anne Fine is one of the most successful modern children's authors around. Find out all about her and her books here and contemplate some brain-scrambling questions in the 'philosophy' section.

Year 6

  • Authors and Texts
  • Journalistic Writing

Year 6 are looking at Jaqueline Wilson this term. Dive into Wilsontown on her great, interactive website.

Have a look at some of the ways we use drama to support analysis of a text in Key Stage 2, and why not try some of these activities out at home with a favourite book or author?