The curriculum cannot be completely delivered in any school without homage paid to both the explicit and implicit role of Drama which occurs during the school day. This can be through interaction with the staff, other students or parents or any person we are in contact with.  With each exchange we all use various techniques to portray ourselves as a character or make an image of ourselves or become a person when talking, moving or merely being.

To this end students, across the school, are given opportunities to speak and perform in a public arena of either the classroom or the hall. Public speaking opportunities begin in Nursery and continue throughout the years at TBS. Enjoyment, fun and theatrical games are built into each planned lesson to ensure learning opportunities are maximised for every student.

The students are given the chance to explore various techniques which will build skills for life enabling them to understand how their whole form conveys messages and that pace, voice and movement are intrinsic in all aspect of life to assist with communication and express meaning. These methods continue to be developed and students embrace the variety of aspects and techniques to enable them to perform on stage at a very high level.

Each Key Stage is given the opportunity to perform during the year in assemblies, themed weeks and in school productions. The school values these opportunities where costume and props allow the students to transform themselves to become another character.

TBS also actively supports and encourages the performance of visiting artists or trips to the theatre groups in the community and other schools to ensure students have exposure to other styles of presentations.