Modern Foreign Languages

Language learning at TBS is intended to be fun, active and enabling students to progress quickly up the National Curriculum levels to allow students to make the transition to IGCSE examinations as easily and successful as possible.

We use a variety of digital resources to make this possible. Students use MP3 recorders to capture conversations and use them to help pronunciation and intonation.

Kindle technology allows advanced students to read a range of materials with a dictionary running simultaneously in the back ground at the touch of a button. A daily Spanish newspaper is just a few seconds download away.

We use video to motivate and celebrate student's progress. All units of work lead to a presentation in French using as wide a variety of resources as possible.

We encourage students speaking by using digital flashcards stored in a large database of images which provide a simple means for  students to build and revise vocabulary using engaging visual stimulus.

This means that topics are richly resourced, varied and help students develop all four language skills in interesting and motivating ways.

Although a primarily French speaking school in terms of language learning, students who already have French qualilifications can do either Nepali or Spanish, and some students do other languages depending on their level and backgrounds.