Science is a fundamental part of our lives and is we interact with it everyday of our lives. As such it is important that young people develop the skills and knowledge necessary to allow them to not only exist in the world, but to understand it and use it effectively and sensibly.

Key Stage 3

Science at TBS follows the English National Curriculum at KS3, using the Cambridge Checkpoint syllabus, introducing the main concepts and developing knowledge and skills through a unit based interdisciplinary approach.

The full list of areas covered can be found at Key Stage 3 Science

Key Stage 4

Students study the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) IGCSE Co-ordinated Science syllabus, comprising of units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, leading to the award of 2 IGCSEs in Science at the end of  year 11. It is proposed to introduce separate Sciences from August 2015 onwards, which would enable students to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics individually or in any combination that will suit their progress.

Students are also encouraged to develop their independent learning skills and depth of knowledge to prepare themselves for AS and A level studies and better prepare them for moving on in their lives.

Full details of the Science syllabus can be found at CIE Co-ordinated Science IGCSE

Key Stage 5

Students study the CIE AS & A2 courses, in either Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or any combination of these. These courses are designed to give a rigorous and scientific approach developing practical and academic skills. More details of these can be found below.

CIE A Level Biology

CIE A Level Chemistry

CIE A level Physics

The British school also work in collaboration with local schools in Nepal to develop Science teaching and resources to give as many young people as possible the opportunities to develop their knowledge, interest and appreciation of Science in their everyday lives.

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