Geography is a compulsory part of our Key Stage 3 programme and is a popular option in Key Stage 4, where we follow the IGCSE syllabus (Cambridge 0460) and at A Level where we follow the AS/A Level syllabus (Cambridge 9696).

Welcome to the Geography Department

“What is our knowledge worth if we know nothing about the world that sustains us, nothing about natural systems and climate, and nothing about other countries and cultures?”

(Jonathan Porritt, an environmentalist)

Well done to our IGCSE and A level students of 2014.

IGCSE:    100% A* - C          53% A - A*

A Level: 75% A* - C            50% A - A*

At TBS Geography is an important part of our curriculum taught throughout all the Key Stages. We are luck that our host country is so interesting in geographical terms for students (and teachers for that matter!). Nepal is a country where the elevation ranges from near sea level to the highest point on Earth, making it a fascinating place to study physical geography. Nepal, being described as the “ethnic turntable of Asia” also makes it a great place to study human geography.

At TBS we adapt the UK National Curriculum allowing students to develop the geographical skills that are taught in the UK, while remaining relevant to students in an international context. These skills include aspects of presentation, interpretative skills and map skills. ICT is widely used in teaching geography. All students carry out and enjoy appropriate aspects of fieldwork which allow us to take Geography outside the classroom. Regular trips include a river study in the jungles of Southern Nepal, trips to the Kathmandu Valley rim and adjacent valleys and a settlement enquiry in Kathmandu city centre.

Year 7 Field Trip Photos

Chitwan Photos

The department also uses Edmodo to ensure that students have a method of communication with their teacher in a secure environment.
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