The Psychology Department at The British School has a strong record of success, and has consistently achieved highest marks in Nepal. All students have performed very strongly in this subject, and several have gone on to study Psychology. Those who have studied other subjects at university have found the skills, and often the knowledge, useful in applying to their degree course.

Psychology is available at The British School at AS and A2 level, and the AS course is very different to the A2 in content and style.

At AS Level students examine research studies, from Freud up to more contemporary psychologists. The studies are always interesting and often surprising, and cover all fields of psychology, including: Social, Cognitive, Developmental, Individual Differences and Physiological approaches.

At A2 level students must study two topics in depth. We have selected Health Psychology because it offers many useful components which can be transferred and applied to other studies, and also Organisational Psychology. This second topic overlaps in many areas with the Business Diploma syllabus at TBS, and also with the content of many Business Studies degrees.