Higher Education Preparation

It is never too early to start thinking about Higher Education and Mentors are always on hand to advise or explain about options beyond school.
Students are given one-to-one counselling in Year 11 as part our A Level options programme. Then, in Year 12, students begin the process of thinking about the different college and university choices available, including comparisons of different international systems, as part of their PSHE curriculum. Preparation for Higher Education begins in earnest once the students in Year 12 have taken their AS Level examinations, starting in June with the TBS University Planning Course. This week outlines how to research courses and institutions, how to apply, the different selection processes, how to obtain visas, and Oxbridge and medical admissions. We have a great deal of expertise in the school and we also invite parents to attend information sessions if they need support in understanding the application procedures.
Most of our students apply successfully to the UK or to the USA, but they also study at the best universities and colleges all over the world including Australia, Canada, Singapore, Europe, India, Hong Kong and Malaysia.