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Principal - Dr. John Moore

  Staffing – Primary Section 2013-14




Teaching Assistant



Head of Early Years Key Stage One


Miss Becky Salmons


Mrs Kamana Shah

Mrs Sharmila Joshi and Mrs Ujwala Karkee


Miss Anna Young

Mrs Sona Maharjan and Mrs Aruna Rai

Year 1

Miss Becky Salmons

(Mr Jonathan Cannon)

Mrs Dolly Moktan and Mrs Jyoti Jha

Year 2

Mrs Maifa Filion

Mrs Aliska Tamrakar




Head of Key Stage Two


Miss Louise Garner

Year 3B (Y2K to move up)

Miss Alex Backhouse

Mrs Bela Pangeni

Year 3Z (Y2G to move up)

Mr Steve Zammet

Mrs Hasina Shrestha

Year 4

Miss Louise Garner

(Mr Matt Greenwood)

Mrs Sangita Chhetri

Year 5B (Y4G to move up)

Miss Abigail Buckland

Miss Saraswati Maharjan

Year 5C (Y4M to move up)

Mr Nathan Cross

Mrs Pooja Manandhar

Year 6

Miss Emma Mannion

Mrs Suchitra Kulung


 Staffing – Secondary Section 2013-14





Dr John Moore



Mr. Steve Priest

Vice-Principal / Director of Studies


Mr. James Bevan

Head of Sixth Form

Economics and Business


Mrs. Jo Bevan

Year 7 Mentor

Travel and Tourism, Business Studies

Design Technology

Miss Patricia Butler

Year 11 Mentor; English Coordinator;


Mr. Colin Dooley

Year 10 Mentor


Mr. James Dunwell

Year 11 Mentor

Chemistry and Science

Mrs. Jeanette Fanthome

Head of Art, Year 8 Mentor


Mr. Iain Gordon

Director of Music


Mrs Nadine Harris

Year 10 Mentor

French, (Spanish)

Mr. Subash Khatiwada

Year 8 Mentor


Mr. Raphael O’Sullivan

Head of PE and Activities


Mr. Matthew Phillips

Year 7 Mentor, PSHE


Miss Ruth Radlett

Year 9 Mentor


Mr. William Rigby

Sixth Form Mentor

Geography and History

Mr. Simon Rimmington

Sixth Form Mentor

Physics and Science

Mr. Alan Taylor

Head of Science, Year 10 Mentor

Biology, Science and Psychology

Mrs. Susan Taylor

Head of Mathematics, Sixth Form Mentor


Mr. Sunny Thakral

Head of ICT, Year 8 Mentor



Mr Matt Greenwood

Mrs. Ranu Tuladhar

Mrs Sonya Das

Mrs. Sangita Gurung

Mrs. Deena Singh

Mrs. Rupa Mukhia

Mrs. Sangeeta Tuladhar

Head of Learning Support

Teacher support supervisor

The Learning Support Teaching Assistants’ Team

Mrs. Saraswoti Adhikari

Mr. Hom Narayan Chaudhary

Mr. Rajendra Prajapati

Textiles and Food Technician

Science Resource Technician

Art Technician

Art Teaching Assistant

Mr. Rohit Sidgel

Mr. Bijen Maharjan

Mr. Makhan Gurung

ICT Support Team

ICT Manager

ICT Support

ICT Assistant


Miss Manisha Bajracharya

Primary Reception


Mrs. Sunita Chitrakar

Senior Librarian


Mrs. Pabrita Deula

School Nurse

For staff and students

Miss Nancy Khetan

Primary Reception

Assistant Receptionist – based in Primary

Mr Basanta Silwal



Miss Shraddha Sthapit

Secondary Reception


Mrs Tumika Sthapit-Priest

Administration, Contracts, HR







Dates to Remember

Term Dates 2014
Term 3
Tuesday 7th January – Friday 4th April·
Half Term: Monday 17th to Friday 21st February
Term 4 

Wednesday 23rd April - Friday 4th July

 Half Term: Monday 26th to Friday 30th  May


School Timetable

Secondary Section (KS3, KS4, KS5)
08:15 Registration

10:30 (approx.) Break (20 minutes)
12:50 (approx.) Lunch (50 minutes)
15:30 Afternoon  Registration and end of School day*
15:30 – 16:30 Secondary After School Clubs
*Except Friday when the School day ends at 14:30


Primary Section(Early Years, KS1, KS2)
08:05 - Teachers on duty to supervise the children
08:15 - Bell rings, school day begins
10:00 - 10:25 Early Years and Key Stage 1 Morning Break
10:20 - 10:40 Key Stage 2 Morning Break
11:50 - 12:45 Early Years and Key Stage 1 Lunch
12:00 - 12:45 Key Stage 2 Lunch
14:30   End of day for Early Years / Key Stage 1 & 2
14:30 - 15.30 Primary After School Clubs