Safeguarding Team


Ms. Emma Malla

I am the DSL (Designated Safeguarding Leader) and a member of the TBS Safeguarding team. I am a whole school Physical Education teacher and a KS4 mentor. I can be found in the PE office, PE classroom or on the Basketball courts (after school). I can also be contacted at to discuss Safeguarding training, Concerns or any other Safeguarding issue you may have.

Ms. Claire Patterson

Throughout my career in teaching, coaching and youth care, I have always been interested in ensuring the young people I work with are protected and free to grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment. My initial training in safeguarding was through coaching sport, which developed into intensive training from the NSPCC in the UK and becoming a designated safeguarding person in a previous managerial role. Being offered a position within the safeguarding team at TBS has been something I have taken on with passion and dedication and have strived to ensure my skills and knowledge can be used to allow students at TBS to be protected in the optimum ways, to be free to enjoy their education.  

Ms. Maifa Filion

A child's happiness and enjoyment of school is fundamental to success.  I have enjoyed contributing to the Safeguarding Committee as we ensure that our school is a safe place for children to learn and grow.

Ms. Binu Magar

I'm Binu Thapa Magar but I also go by the name Ms. Magar around School. I'm currently working as Class learning Support (CLS) for Primary Wing at TBS. If you have any concerns or queries regarding any safeguarding issues, please feel free to come up to me or contact me. I'm mostly available around primary area or you can reach me through my email

Ms. Pabitra Deula

Namaste, I am Pabitra Deula and I have been with TBS since 2006 as a School Nurse. I  studied my nursing course from Bir Hospital Nursing Campus ( Affiliated with Tribhuvan University) in 1998.  After being a Registered Nurse, I started my career working in Travel and Mountain  Medicine Centre ( NIC) and still visit the clinic on Sundays to keep myself updated with recent medical interventions. I have received advanced safeguarding level 3 training and I am an active member of the team. If you have any queries or need medical assistance, please see me or email

Ms. Sophia Groom

I consider being on the safeguarding team one of the most important roles in my work at TBS.  Keeping young people safe is the most significant job we as adults and staff have and it is our top priority here at school.  I have been working with young people in different ways for all of my adult life and know through first hand experience and from being a parent myself that if young people's basic needs for care and safety are met they are in the best possible place to fulfil their full potential.

Ms. Nazma Shakya

Being the HR Manager, I am in charge of Safer Recruiting practice and policy implementation; and ensure safer recruiting practice is followed during the hiring/recruitment process. I ensure all new intakes get the Level 1 Safeguarding Training and refresher sessions annually.

Ms. Sara Harman

Some of the most important aspects of working with children are to understand how best to protect them, how to support them through their worries and how to give them a voice. I take my role within the safeguarding team seriously as we continue to strive to make this school a safe space for children to learn and develop. 

Ms. Alex Hands

I have joined the safeguarding team in order to improve my own knowledge of safeguarding so that I am better prepared to keep students safe, in particular as part of my pastoral responsibilities. I hope to be able to promote information to students about how to stay safe from harm as well as what to do and who can help them if they feel that they, or someone they know, is at risk.

Mr. Brian Platts

The safeguarding of the students in our care is our number one priority.  The wealth of knowledge, care, training, and expertise in this team, and our staff as a whole,  means that we are able to create such a safe and nurturing environment, where every child feels supported and has opportunities to grow and develop.