Living in Nepal

Nepal is a wonderful place to live in. It is full of old world charm and adventure and is a country that has a rich cultural heritage. The majority of the Nepali population practise Hinduism, however Buddhism is also widely practised and is linked historically with Nepal. There are also significant numbers of people who follow Islam, Christianity and traditional beliefs.
The Nepali calendar begins in mid-April. Unlike in the UK, Saturday is the only official weekly holiday. The important annual holidays include a combination of Hindu and Buddhist religious festivals, e.g. Dashain and Tihar (comparable to Christmas and New Year celebrations in the UK).
Like any developing country it has its fair share of problems which are often highlighted in the press. The earthquakes of April and May 2015 were major tragedies for the country, however the worst of the impacts were outside of the city and the school community virtually untouched. We have staff who have been living here for over a decade. It is a safe place for expatriates and we have a number of staff living here with their children.
Living in Nepal, however, can be a bit of a culture shock, so be prepared to be flexible. The pace of life can be a lot slower and as such people like to do things in their own time.