Feature Teacher - Mr. Scott
Our next featured teacher is Mr. Scott and he teaches Year 5. He started at TBS this August and so he is fairly new to school. He describes himself  as fun, full of energy and a very bad joke teller. He is crazy about animals and like nothing more than watching animals doing funny things on videos.  On being asked about the things that made him come to Nepal, he said that he wanted to see what teaching abroad was like and both Mrs Scott and he decided Nepal looked like an incredible place to explore the culture, community and most importantly food! However, more TBS looked like a a place he could see himself  teaching. He describes TBS as happy smiles, a community and free open spaces. One thing that he absolutely loves at TBS is his class 5S of course! He added - “Teaching here is really fun, creative and the children in the entire school are so polite and happy, it makes our job teaching so much rewarding. Everyday is a good day here at TBS.”