Offers and destinations 2018

Student University choices are well underway, with offers starting to flow in from colleges and universities all over the world. At TBS we implement a range of supportive activities and guidance, from workshops to counselling, to ensure students are empowered to make this most important of life choices. This year we have had speaker’s visits and University Fairs from a wide range of international universities, particularly from North America and Asia, such as; the University of British Columbia, Vassar, Bryn Mawr, Indiana, Yale NUS, Hong Kong B. U. and New York State, among many others.

The U.K. is still the most popular destination, with students receiving offers from Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Manchester, Warwick, Brunel, Durham, Exeter and many more Universities in 2018. The U.S. and Canada are the second most popular choices; among the offers students have received this year one student has been offered a $25,000 scholarship at the School of Arts Institute Chicago.

Hong Kong and Singapore have seen an increase in students from TBS applying this year. The Netherlands continues to be a first choice draw for our students with a Dutch heritage with Sweden and South Korea also seeing applicants this year.

In terms of courses that attract TBS students; Business Management, Economics, Finance and Marketing have been popular choices for nearly half our students, seeking to become future industry leaders. Biomedical Science, Engineering and Psychology have featured strongly. Art and Design continues to be a popular choice with our creative students. Computer Science, Physiotherapy and International Relations have also become increasingly attractive, as students explore the changing possibilities of the 21st Century careers opportunities. The diversity of courses and choices reflects the range of talents our hardworking students have explored within the vibrant community and curriculum of TBS.

Once again it has been a great year for the students’ A Level results; that means a lot of relieved and delighted students able to take up their University places, starting off on the next exciting chapter of their lives. Once again our students applied to, and were given offers from, a widely diverse selection of some of the best universities and colleges internationally. A few of our students opted to take a gap year before taking up ambitious careers in Psychology, Medicine and Computer Studies. Here is the list of Universities and Colleges our students will be studying at this year:

The U.K.
Durham University (Finance),
King’s College London (Biomedical Science),
Sussex University(Finance),
University of Surrey (Economics),
University of Winchester (Sports’ Science)
University of York (Biomedical Science).
University of Exeter (International relations)

The U.S.A.
Drexel University (Art & Design),
Ithica College (Kinesiology),
Lynn University,
Mount Holyoke College,
Pratt Institute,
Saint Leo University
University of North Dakota (Aeronautical Engineering).

Singapore Management University (Economics & Bus. Man.)
Yale NUS (Maths and Comp. Sci.).

Mumbai University (Business Management)

The Netherlands 
Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Now they have been pushed out of the nest of TBS we wish them all the best with their exciting future careers!