Newsletter 20th June 2014

Dear Parents,

As we enter the last two weeks of term, there is a great deal happening around school. Perhaps most notable is the Creative Arts Week, which begins on Thursday 26th June and finishes in the final week of term. The children and students are already talking about the great things they are going to do and the schedule is below. Parents are warmly invited to join in the TBS celebration of the creative arts.

Creative Arts Week!

Creative Arts Week (26th June-2nd July) – dates for your diaries!

As part of the Creative Arts Festival (Thursday 26th June – Wednesday 2nd July) TBS is presenting a number of public concerts in the Hall to which all parents are warmly invited.

Thursday 26th June

KS3 Production – performances at 10.40 am and 7.00 pm. Entry free– donations to charity welcome

Friday 27th June

JFI in Concert (a fusion of Reggae and Funk) – performance at 10.40 am. Entry free – donations to charity welcome

Sunday 29th June

A concert of Music for Flute and Piano – performance at 2.00 pm. Entry free – donations to charity welcome

Monday 30th June

Others in Concert (Jazz) – performance at 10.40 am. Entry free – donations to charity welcome

Tuesday 1st July

A Celebration of Rock (The Brotherhood, The Skits and special guests Newaz). Doors open 6.00 pm – entry 100 NRS – proceeds to charity. (Suitable for Year 5 and upwards)

Wednesday 2nd July

Creative Arts Festival Final Assembly – 1.30 pm

Performances and displays of amazing artwork

If you want to keep up to date with TBS news you don’t have to wait until Friday because the latest pictures and news can be found on In addition you can follow @TbsKathmandu if you would like to see some of what is happening in school on your twitter account feed


This week!

‘Maleficent’ at QFX: Cinema Evening was a great success

Well done to Year 10 for their organisation of the ‘Maleficent’ cinema evening last Saturday. It was great to see so many parents and children there and the children obviously enjoyed the film – there were cheers at one point! The whole Year 10 class worked together to organise the event and although the final figure is not yet available, they raised in excess of NRS300,000 for the Umbrella Foundation. Thank you to everyone who helped them and to all those parents who sponsored their efforts.


Year 11 Bridging course & Trip to Dhading Schools

The Year 11s (who are now our new Year 12s) were fantastic ambassadors for the school on their trip to our Dhading partner schools on Wednesday and Thursday this week. They were unfailingly positive, thoughtful about what they could do to help the schools they will work with on their expeditions week and reflective about their own experiences in relation to those of the children we met. There was not a murmur of complaint about the distances we had to walk up and down hills and, in the short time we spent in each school, they interacted with the children really enthusiastically. The whole bridging course was a great success and the students seem really keen to experience all the new and exciting challenges that being in TBS Sixth Form will bring.

Nursery Trip to the Zoo today!

I have not seen Nursery quite so excited as they were this morning when they were telling me about their forthcoming trip to the Zoo. Apparently there would be tigers, elephants, snakes and frogs. It did not disappoint and according to one person there was even a dinosaur (or perhaps I misheard). Thanks to the Nursery team for organising it.

Thanks to 3B for their assembly

Thanks to 3B for their wonderful Primary Family assembly this week. There was some brilliant acting and the whole performance was amongst the slickest we have seen this year. They had told us some very vivid stories about what they had done in Year 3 and what Year 4 would be like. Next week there is no family primary assembly due to all the Creative Arts events and rehearsals that are happening!


TBS Garage Sale

Thanks to all the participants at the Garage sale. A fine example of reusing and recycling and I hope the sellers all went home having done good business and the buyers were happy with their bargains. There will be a few attics that are less cluttered and nice to see that in this modern age people still have a place in their hearts for books, CDs, videos and even cassettes. Thank you to the ground staff for their help in setting it up and to Tumika Sthapit-Priest for coordinating things (but in future they need to order some better weather!).


Tonight and Next week!

Year 13 Graduation Ceremony– Friday 20th June

We hope the Year 13 students enjoy their graduation event tonight. They have been a great Year group and it will be sad to formally say goodbye to them. However, we will see them when they come in for their A Level results and I am sure we will be congratulating them on achieving their grades and taking up fantastic university offers in August.

DNC visit on Saturday 21st June

Mrs Malla will take children on the DNC visit tomorrow. I am sure they will have a great time playing and being creative with their DNC friends. Thanks to everyone involved, it is great experience to be involved in this sort of community liaison event.

Creative Arts rehearsals on Sunday 22nd June

The Key Stage 3 production on 26th June is sure to be a treat. There will be a rehearsal on Sunday 22nd June in the Hall that will start at 10am.


Year 12 (Year 13 in 2014-15) University Planning Course June 23rd - 27th

It will be good to see Year 12 back in school next week. I am sure they will already have begun the process of researching and thinking about their plans for life beyond TBS. Next week is the opportunity to increase their knowledge and begin to start the application process more seriously. A detailed plan is still being finalized, but the complete version will be sent out on Monday so that any interested parents can attend any of the information sessions. The only relevant session for parents on Monday at 8.45am is about the difference between UK and US higher education systems. If any parents require further information please do email Ms. Gemma Caines (

Year 5 World War 2 Day & Year 6 trip to Narayanhity Royal Palace

It is World War 2 Day on Monday for Year 5. Hopefully, they will all be able to come to school in 1940s clothes to enter into the spirit of the day. There will be special activities all day culminating in Year 5 being evacuated to other classrooms for part of the afternoon. I am sure it will be great fun and a memorable experience.

Year 6 will visit Narayanhity Royal Palace on Monday. It is a good opportunity to learn about history and to enjoy the architecture and splendour of the palace. They may also do some research on their Pizza topic during the day.  

House Tug of War competition

Tuesday morning from 8.30-10.30 will be the annual House Tug of War competition. It is sure to be a display of concerted effort and teamwork. Good luck to all the participants.


Year 2 Parents inventor workshops (Tuesday from 1pm)

Year 2 parents are welcome to come in to school on Tuesday 24th June from 1pm to work with children on their inventors topic. They are welcome to stay in school until the Open afternoon begins.


Parents Open afternoon – Tuesday 24th June – 2.45pm-4pm

All parents are welcome to visit their child’s classroom on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the wonderful work that has been done this year. This is a chance for children to show their parents what they have done and to talk through some of their best work. I am sure it will be a really nice occasion. Shortly after this primary reports will be issued and this does leave enough time for parents to consult teachers if there are any areas of concern or any unclear elements of the report.


Year 11 Work Experience

I hope that Year 11 do not have a work experience like my own. I was sent for a long stand, a glass hammer, some elbow grease and many other fictitious but, to my new workmates, incredibly amusing items. It did teach me how to make a proper cup of tea and encouraged me to pass my exams so I wouldn’t have to work in a sheet metal factory. Year 11 embark on their work experiences next week and I am sure they will learn a great deal about the world of work.

Debating Final in Secondary Assembly

Over the last few weeks, we have been enjoying the House debating teams competing in secondary assembly. Monday sees the final round and I am sure the competition will be fierce. The questions from the students in the audience have been almost as good as the prepared speeches and it is good to see students so engaged in the competition. Thanks go to the English department, Ms Butler and Ms Radlett, for organising it. We hope to develop debating much more fully in the school in 2014-15 so the high quality of these assemblies has been an encouraging start.


Model United Nations competition – Year 10-13 (2014-15 classes)

Mr Rimmington is sending out letters next week regarding a Model United Nations competitions to be held in Kathmandu next term (August 15th-17th). As with the debating competition above, this is the sort of challenging and enriching activity we should be undertaking. I hope there will be a good response from students wanting to take part.

Cycle or walk to school day! Friday 27th June 2014

Next Friday, it would be great to see everyone walking or cycling into school. Last time round we also encouraged people to park and stride or to drop children and students off some distance away so they could at least limit their carbon footprint slightly. I hope everyone will join in.

Lost Property

Please do encourage your children to check the lost property boxes before the end of term. There are quite a lot of quality items in there and it would be a shame if they were not reunited with their owners!

I hope all parents can join us for some of the Creative Arts events. Many children are involved and you are welcome at as many events as you can attend.

Have a good weekend.

John Moore


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