Newsletter 27th June 2014

Dear Parents,

Creative Arts week has got off to a great start. I hope those parents who could join us for the Key Stage 3 show last evening enjoyed the experience. There were some deep themes running through the show and it was a very entertaining programme. Well done to all the students, staff and friends of the school who were involved. There have also been some great musical performances already and fantastic creative arts workshops are underway. There are details below of more opportunities for parents to join us in celebrating and encouraging the amazing creativity that TBS is known for.

Building works and last day of term – No access to the school until 6th August

I am sure many children will be ready for the school holidays by the end of next week. We finish school early on the final day of term and the final assembly will finish at 12 noon. It is important that we clear the school as soon as possible after this assembly and that the school site remains clear until the teachers return on August 6th. Please encourage your children to take all belongings home before Friday 4th July. We begin to take deliveries of materials and equipment and start the more disruptive building work as soon as the school is clear of children and parents on Friday afternoon. This will help us ensure that we will have everything ready for the children’s first day, 11th August (or before!).

Whilst, many of the TBS community will be thinking about forthcoming holidays, the ground staff and administrative staff will be working as hard as ever over the next month or so. There will be a high number of workers on site and the school will be a dangerous place for all. Therefore, the school will be out of bounds to everyone except the workers and TBS ground and administrative staff for the duration of the holidays. The school guards will refuse entry to anybody who does not have a reason to be in the school over the holidays. The school will be a building site and not a safe place, so I am sure you will be understanding.

Health and Safety – continued vigilance required for the last few days

Thank you to those parents who have reported potentially unsafe behaviour on site. It is very useful that parents are also being vigilant so that we can insist on the highest possible standards from the contractors who are now beginning to increase the scope of their operations. Please do contact Mr Priest ( or Mr Silwal ( if you have concerns and we can report issues to our contractors swiftly. All the children have been reminded to be extra careful and wary.

If you want to keep up to date with TBS news you don’t have to wait until Friday because the latest pictures and news can be found on In addition you can follow @TbsKathmandu if you would like to see some of what is happening in school on your twitter account feed

This week!

TBS Graduation Class of 2014

Friday 20th June saw the graduation of our class of 2014, with a dinner held at the Annapurna Hotel. It was a fun evening, to celebrate and reflect on past years at TBS and to mark the end of Year 13’s school days. Graduates, parents and teachers, were entertained by Kristina singing and Neil playing the guitar, along with speeches from, Dr Moore, Mr Priest, Mr Bevan, Bipaswi, Neil, and Sina.  The evening was organised and hosted by the Head Prefects, with Sina taking the lead. They did a wonderful job and the evening was a great success. We wish the class of 2014 well as they take this first step on the journey that is the rest of their lives.

Year 11 Work Experience

I am sure the Year 11’s are enjoying their work experience week. Many thanks to those friends of TBS who have arranged placements for them. Even if they are not enjoying the experience, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it may encourage them to delay their entry into the wonderful world of work by concentrating on their academic studies!

Disabled Newlife Centre (DNC) visit on Saturday 21st June

On Saturday, 21st June 12 TBS students and 5 teachers travelled to Thali for the termly DNC visit. The TBS students organised a variety of activities for the DNC children who took part enthusiastically. There were world cup activities, action figure games, bowling challenges and parachute making tasks to participate in. Although the TBS students who travelled were from Year 5 & 6, they  represented the entire student body in making another very worthwhile donation. Each DNC student received a fully packed pencil case, writing book, toothbrush and toothpaste. It has been a fantastic year for our community project liasion with DNC and the students and teachers involved have made it not just possible, but very successful. We look forward to another fantastic year ahead with our friends at the Disabled Newlife Centre.

Year 2 Invention Showcase

There were some brilliant ideas from Year 2 during their invention showcase. Parents can begin planning lives of luxury once the children take out their patents on some of these excellent ideas. I have placed an order for some rocket powered shoes and a robot that tidies up my house for me.

Primary Open Afternoon

Thank you for all the positive feedback that we received during the Primary Open Afternoon. These afternoons are very powerful in supporting your child’s learning and there was such pride from the children who were able to show and explain the work they have covered this year to their parents.  The children are right to be proud of the many achievements this year. The progress by many of our primary children is simply remarkable and a testament to their own hard work and the support they receive from their families and teachers.


Year 12 (Year 13 in 2014-15) University Planning Course

This week it was great to see Year 12 back in school after their examinations as we started to think about the next big challenge: university applications! Attendance was excellent and concentration levels high in the 14 different seminars exploring all things university, from personal statements to predicted grades. We discussed the differences between UK, US, Canadian and Australian admissions, how to apply to Oxbridge (which some were surprised to learn is not a place!), were surprised by personal essays written by successful Harvard candidates, and even began to think about practical matters like visa applications. All in all, the students found it very useful and, even though there were some nerves about the scale of the task at hand, everyone is now much further ahead in their thinking and ready for action. After two one-on-one consultations each, our students are all going away with an individual action plan for the summer, making confidence levels high as they face the future. All the materials used in the seminars are on the VLE and can be accessed by parents and students. ( Applying to college or university requires much thought and preparation, so if any parents or students require further information or advice, please do email the incoming Head of Sixth Form, Ms. Gemma Caines (

Primary Reports (Secondary will come next week)

All Primary parents should have received reports this week. They contain a great deal of information and we hope parents and children find it useful. If you would like to clarify anything in the report, please do see the class or subject teacher concerned before the end of term. I have found the Primary and Secondary reports a pleasure to read and I would like to thank all the children (and by extension their parents!) on behalf of the teaching staff for their positive attitude, their intellectual curiosity and desire to learn, and the sense of fun and enthusiasm that is a real feature of lessons, clubs, activities and events. The teachers also deserve some thanks for what can be a lengthy task, but the reports really show how well they know and enjoy working with the children and there is a great deal of really useful, individually tailored advice for the children.

Year 5 World War II Day & Year 6 trip to Narayanhity Royal Palace

World War II Day was great fun on Monday. The children did some really fun activities and the sounds of the 1940s – from the worrying sound of air raid sirens to uplifting dance music - were floating though the corridors. Year 6 also had a great day out visiting the Royal Palace and eating pizza. They claim the latter experience was an utterly essential component of their research for the pizza topic they have been working on this term.


House Tug of War competition

There were some brilliant performances in the Annual House Tug of War on Tuesday. The children were great sports and the decibel levels must have broken records. Congratulations to all the house teams and Annapurna who emerged as the winners this time!

Next week!

Creative Arts Week – Upcoming events

Sunday 29th June

A concert of Music for Flute and Piano – performance at 2.00 pm in the school Hall. Entry free – donations to charity welcome.

Monday 30th June

Others in Concert (JFI – Funk/Reggae) – performance at 10.40 am. Entry free – donations to charity welcome

Tuesday 1st July

A Celebration of Rock (The Brotherhood, The Skits and special guests Newaz). Doors open 6.00 pm – entry 100 NRS – proceeds to charity. (Suitable for Year 5 and upwards)

Wednesday 2nd July

Creative Arts Festival Final Assembly – 1.30 pm

Performances and displays of amazing artwork

Disco, class party and dress up day on Thursday 3rd July – Celebrity theme!

The penultimate day of term will include an afternoon of fun and excitement for primary classes. The primary student council have chosen the theme of celebrity for a dress up day (which should be broad enough not to cause parents too many problems!). They will have class parties in the afternoon and have a spell in the celebrity themed disco organised for them by the Secondary student council.

Leavers’ Assembly - 11.15am, Friday 4th July

There is an early finish on the last day of term, Friday 4th July. The Leavers’ Assembly, which is led by Year 6, begins at 11.15pm and usually finishes around noon. Parents are welcome to attend, although the Hall may be very full so you are advised it may be standing room only.


Chris Keeling in Megavalanche Race

This year we have celebrated the many successes of top downhill and enduro mountain bike rider Chris Keeling (Year 9). Chris leaves Nepal on Sunday to take part in the Megavalanche race in the French Alps. This famous mass start downhill race begins on a glacier at 3300m and ends 30 km later at 720m altitude. Chris, aged 14 years, won the children’s version of the race last year (the Megakids) and is hoping to do well in his first outing in the full adults’ race. He will be one of the youngest of the 1,500 or so competitors. Chris’s ambition is to ride for Nepal in the Asian Championships and later at the World Championships. All the best Chris!

Lost Property – Repeat reminder

Please do encourage your children to check the lost property boxes before the end of term. There are quite a lot of quality items in there and it would be a shame if they were not reunited with their owners!

Earthquake Preparedness letter

Accompanying this letter once again are details of the recent changes to our earthquake preparedness protocols. Can parents please ensure they have read this and reply to Ms. Bajracharya through

Next academic year!

Term dates and Parent calendar for 2014-15

For those who like to plan ahead, term dates and the key events calendar is now available on the new website.

First day of school – Parent Meeting

We welcome the children back to school on Monday 11th August 2014. Once the children are in lessons with their teachers at 8.15 we would like parents, old and new, to join us in the Main Hall for a short introductory meeting. At this meeting we will introduce you to all the Heads of Key Stage, Parent Governors and other key staff, give you the essential basic information about TBS and show you where to find other important information.

Traffic around school

It is always the case that traffic around school is at its worst during the first week or two. It will be crowded in the car park (which we are lucky to have!) so if you can walk, cycle or park further away we would greatly appreciate this. It also helps us maintain our Eco School credentials which we prize highly. You may need to leave more time for your journey during this part of the year.

‘Meet the teacher’ sessions

At the start of the year it would be excellent if parents could all attend the Primary and Secondary ‘Meet the teacher’ sessions. These are very informal occasions where you can meet other parents from your year group and get to know your child’s class teacher (primary) and/or mentor (secondary). These sessions will take place in the hall.

Secondary Meet the Teacher – 4.00pm Wednesday 13th August

Primary Meet the Teacher – 6.00pm Tuesday 19th August

Link to website for new parents information

If you would like to get your hands on information about the school now, then do visit the school website. If there is something you cannot find on there then do let me, the Vice Principal or the ICT team know. We want to give you the information you need and, although the ICT team have greatly improved the website in recent weeks, making sure the website is useful and clear will remain an ongoing project in 2014-15.

Have a good weekend.


John Moore


PS – All the latest events and other news can be found on the school website

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