A wonderful trip to lake Taudaha!

On Thursday, 15 March 2018, we went to lake Taudaha after period four (just before lunch). We were divided into three groups. Then we were about to leave until I saw that our bus was enormous. During the bus ride we played games like the memory game and guess what, I won in that. It took us 35 minutes to reach there.

As soon as we reached our teacher explained us the safety rules, like not to go near the edges. After that we could eat our lunch at the side of the lake, the lake looked fabulous and the fish we could see were really huge. Honestly, I think it was the cleanest lake of Nepal.

After lunch time was over, we were told that we can go around the lake Taudaha. We came into our groups again, but it did not really work out because people were so interested in watching such gigantic fishes that they forgot they had to stay in their group. The local men and women were selling fish food (puffed rice) by the side of the lake, so some of my friends bought the food. As as as fish food was put in water the fishes moved very fast to grab the food, it seemed like they were fighting for the food.
Once I saw 7 fishes opening their mouth at the same time to grab the food. It was very exciting so I started clicking pictures. I was taking pictures of the fishes eating the food and as soon as they come to eat the food, they opened their mouth in a circular shape! While I was walking I saw this humongous fish which was about a metre long!
I also saw three dead fishes which were also huge. Those fishes probably died because of over feeding.

After that we went back to our starting point. Then we got back in our bus and went back to school. We reached the school at 3:30 pm (just in time).

Overall this trip was amazing and I learnt about fishes! Thank you Ms Hinchly and Mr. Jones for organising such a great trip!

Aditya Agrawal, Year 8