Bandh work 20 Jan

The school is open today, however, if children cannot safely travel to school, then they should not take any undue risks in trying to do so.

Schoolwork will be made available on Edmodo and Google Classroom for Secondary classes.

Secondary Section

English and History: All work is available through Edmodo 


  • Yr 9 - myimaths - revise for test and complete myimaths set work
  • Yr 10 - mock corrections & revise target topics / do more of myimaths A->A* booster pack
  • Yr 11 - myimaths - continue with C->B Booster pack
  • Yr 12 & 13 - mock corrections & revision using past paper questions (from pack or from or using myimaths
  • 16:58 (14 hours ago)

ICT: Work is available through Google Classroom (Summary below)

  • Year 11: Review the mock analysis spreadsheet to find out areas where you lost marks. Prepare an action plan to tackle those area for discussion in your next  lesson.
  • Year 10: Spreadsheet skills - Use ICT lounge to continue developing your spreadsheet skills. Practice a past exam paper question.
  • Year 12 ICDL: Log on to the ICDL site and continue your diagnostic tests from home.

Primary Section

Foundation 1: Find the work set for our Foundation 1 children below

Year 4D Bandh work

Follow the instructions in the 4D work instructions file below