Bandh work

The school is open today, however, if children cannot safely travel to school, then they should not take any undue risks in trying to do so.

Schoolwork will be made available on Edmodo and Google Classroom for secondary classes.

Secondary Section

English and History: All work is available through Edmodo

Year 9 English (Miss Butler's Class)

Write a newspaper article in the about the latest brawl between the Catapults and Montages in Verona's market.

You must include:

  • who started it (this time!)
  • who got involved
  • who broke it up
  • what the prince said
  • some history about the two families' feud (you may make some things up here)

Make sure you use the features of an news article and present the work neatly. Your tone should be informative. You may include  eye witness accounts.

Year 7 English  (Miss Butler's Class)

Complete your story board for the opening of the play. Remember to fully explain how Shakespeare makes them seem evil and scary through their actions, words and the setting.

Also, practise saying your lines to make your performance as effective as possible! 


  • Yr 9 - myimaths - Graphs - see myimaths for which lessons and HWs to complete
  • Yr 10 - myimaths - Sets - see myimaths for which lessons and HWs to complete
  • Yr 11 - myimaths - continue with C->B Booster pack
  • Yr 12 & 13 - revision using past paper questions (from pack or from or using myimaths

ICT: Work is available through Google Classroom

  • Year 10: Spreadsheet skills - Use ICT lounge to continue developing your spreadsheet skills. Review Basic skills by following instructions in the file.

Primary Section

Foundation 1: Find the work set for our Foundation 1 children below

Year 4D Bandh work:

Follow the instructions in the 4D work instructions file below.