DT and Art Exhibition

The DT and Art exhibition was a fantastic event and the students, staff, parents and visitors who attended were awed by the hard work and effort that had clearly gone into such amazing work. Thank you to all those that visited especially the teachers who brought Primary classes to view it. Students asked inquiring questions regarding how pieces were made and constructed. They particularly enjoyed flicking through the sketchbooks of the older students and opening the drawers and doors of the storage units! The IGCSE and A’ Level work demonstrated students adaptability and demonstrated great artistic and design initiative and flair.
‘It was very inspiring seeing students work and the developments they have made across the IGCSE course’- River Year 10
‘It was awesome’- Tara Year 10
‘It was amazing to see a rowing machine made entirely out of wood” - Mrs. Malla
‘Cool work that shows off the students abilities’- Year 5 student.
Well done to all those students that displayed their work and we look forward to seeing such creativity develop in the future!