Earthquake update

Dear Parents

I hope all your families safe and well. Those families, children and students we know about have all reported that they are safe so far. Similarly, we have had only positive responses from our staff.
Please do get in touch with me, Mr Priest ( or the school staff if we can support you in any way. (NB - work will be posted online for students in the usual places but at the same time we accept that many may not have access to ICT and of course we will be understanding. We will also be contacting examination boards so that they are aware of the special circumstances our students are experiencing).
The school buildings appear to have withstood the earthquake and the site appears to have experienced relatively superficial damage. However, after taking advice from all our usual sources, school will not be open on Monday or Tuesday.
This is still within the timescale where there is a risk of aftershocks and we will also need time to do a careful assessment of the buildings and the site with the engineers who have been working with us to carry out our seismic survey.
We will not reopen until we have professional advice that this earthquake has not caused serious structural damage that we need to remedy before children return. As soon as the school is checked by our building consultants we will inform you that it is safe for the school to reopen.
Our thoughts are with all those people who have lost loved ones in this tragedy and we hope you all remain safe.
Dr. John Moore