Feature Teacher - Ms. Patterson

"Teachers at TBS create a challenging, yet welcoming classroom environment, maintaining high standards and expectations for all of their students regardless of differing learning styles or backgrounds".

Our first ever feature teacher is Ms. Claire Patterson. She teaches Psychology here and students love being around her. She is enthusiastic and passionate about education and the welfare of students, aiming to ensure all students at TBS feel like they have someone they can talk to and feel supported. She applied for the job after the earthquake as she really wanted to make a difference pastorally and thought that students who had gone through a natural disaster would be in need of a high level of pastoral care. When asked - What made you come to Nepal? - Ms. Patterson said “It was never a plan to come to Nepal specifically, but to be able to offer support and guidance to students who might need it.”  She loves being here, and describes TBS as a hard working, enjoyable and a committed school for the positive development of students -  and for her, teaching the students and laughing with them everyday is the best part of the job.