Feature Teacher - Ms. Williams

Our next featured teacher is Ms. Williams, she is a secondary school English teacher. Her previous students described her as a ‘geek’, which is a label she is strangely proud of!  She loves Shakespeare, reading and learning any new things.  She can remember seeing the Himalayas on a documentary when she was perhaps 6 or 7 and telling her dad that one day she would climb Everest. As a grown up, she is not quite so ambitious, but she feels so lucky to have the chance to live in such a beautiful country and is looking forward to doing some slightly less challenging trekking. Good luck with that Ms. Williams! Smiles, butterflies and mongoose babies are the things that come to her mind when she thinks of school (mongoose babies? - peculiar we know!). Lastly, when she was asked to pick one thing she loved about teaching at TBS, she said, “It’s too difficult to pick just one thing, so here’s three. The admin staff and ground staff are more happy, friendly and committed to our students than at any school I’ve been in previously. The students are hard working and polite, but most importantly they are always ready to help each other. And, of course, the English department are just brilliant!”.