Geography Oman Trip

The week before the Easter Holidays, a group of Y9, 10 and 11s travelled to Oman to study desert, coastal and river environments and the impact that tourism was having on them. The first day saw them travelling through the Persian Gulf, watching dolphins playing in the waves and snorkelling on the reefs in the NE of Oman. The 300 million year old coastline has been eroded into an impressive landscape with excellent examples of the landforms that they had studied in lessons. Day 2 gave a glimpse of religion in Oman by visiting the largest mosque. This was followed by a voyage into the desert to experience wadis and a Bedouin camp, with sand-boarding as an added bonus. The parallel dunes of the desert in Oman have 'street names' allowing Bedouins to easily direct and meet each other. Leaving the desert, we then travelled south to see how the traditional boats of Oman are handcrafted and how sinkholes are formed in karst scenery. After camping at the beach we left for our final adventure - a desert trek, swim and exploring a hidden cave. The geography of Oman is amazing and to be able to explore it was a fantastic opportunity for all of those involved.​

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