Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Week

The penultimate week of term saw Years 6-10 experience a whole range of "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" activities in "ICE week". The workshops on offer were varied and all required students to work together across the year groups on topics and skills beyond their usual school lessons.

Those with dramatic tendencies devised, acted in and produced their own production in just 5 days. Our artists worked all week to create three fantastic murals with Kathmandu street art legends from artspace Kaalo101. A group of enthusiastic fashionistas created their own clothing label and undertook their own fashion shoot, before showing off their hand-crafted creations in a fashion show. For our zoologists, there was the chance to explore scientific disciplines such as botany, before making creative pieces inspired by the beauty of nature. A team of STEM enthusiasts undertook practical experiments all week looking at the science behind activities such as ice skating and rock climbing. For the sporty, a week was spent looking at the business and history behind various sports in Nepal, obviously testing out skills and products along the way. A groups of budding leaders honed their design technology and engineering skills by designing and constructing resources for outdoor team building activities. Photographers travelled around the valley applying theory and editing skills to learn more about taking beautiful pictures outdoors. A huge hit, a team of media specialists researched and recorded a radio show each day of the week, including amazing music, reviews, interviews and highly entertaining on-air banter. Last, but by no means least, our most popular activity allowed students to combine their love of languages and gastronomy, learning about the cuisines associated with the four languages studied at TBS before trying their hand at creating their own dishes. This culminated in a fantastic and delicious "Masterchef" cook off, alongside displays and creations from each activity, at our Share Fair on Friday afternoon. It was a fantastic week - well done to all who participated!