On Saturday 2nd of December the TBS 6th Form organised a phenomenal dance and music event which raised over 130,000 NRs! All of the money raised will be used to help our partner schools in Chautara which are still suffering from the effects of the 2015 earthquake. 15 local K-Pop groups performed for free to help us support this cause! Their dancing and singing was a huge hit with the audience, and  all of the student organisers were overwhelmed by the massive popularity of the event and the support it received from the local community.

The main show consisted of a dynamic range of dance and vocal acts, all of whom brought their energy and passion to the TBS stage. There was loads of high-volume enthusiasm from the crowd who were moving along with the music and happily joining in with the dances whenever possible! After the main event the crowd relaxed outside where our sponsors’ stalls were selling a range of food and drink, as well as K-Pop merchandise. The event ended with a ‘random play dance’ outside where the performers and the crowd enjoyed music and mingled with others to find new friends and have a great time. We hope that all of the people who came from all over Kathmandu enjoyed their time and had loads of fun!