Message from 2 TBS Parents Running for Charity

To raise funds to rebuild an earthquake-damaged orphanage in the devastated Dolakha district, two TBS parents, Narayan Acharya and Raj Pradhan, will run from Godavari to Dolakha (148km!) on 30th April 2016.


If any TBS parents would like to support this event, your contributions can be left in an envelope with Ms. Manisha Bajracharya in the Admissions Office. All funds collected will be exclusively used towards building a new orphanage using earthquake-resistant sustainable rammed earth technology as pioneered by Rammed Earth Solutions.


Any parents interested in running part or all of the route or helping  the support team would be very welcome. Please email Narayan ( or Raj ( for more information.


All contributions, small or large, will be greatly appreciated!

Yours sincerely
Narayan Acharya & Raj Pradhan