Model United Nations Debate in Parenting

Parenting is a long-standing TBS tradition, in which KS3 and sixth form are split into 8 teams. Each house has 2 teams consisting of students from all year groups, and over the year various competitions are conducted. This term, Mr Rimmington organised a debate in the structure of a MUN (Model United Nations) debate.
Over the term, each parenting group researched and prepared speeches on various clauses related to two resolutions. The first resolution was based on the environment and economy of each country and the second resolution was on pollution. On Monday, 9 th December the debate was carried out. 2 speakers were elected from each parenting group, 1 for each clause.
After each speech, questions were posed to the speaker and their family. Judges marked them on the quality of their speeches,  and their ability to answer questions effectively. Ultimately, 2 environmental clauses and 2 economic clauses were passed. However, this was not sufficient to pass the resolution.
This mini MUN debate gave us all a good insight into how the UN works, and showed us how problems arise from bias.