NISSA Football League Cup Finals

The NISSA Football League cup finals were held at the weekend at the ANFA stadium in Satobato. TBS Senior boys had a busy and successful season in the run up to this tournament. Our first game on Sunday morning was against KISC and a tremendous performance in all areas of the team resulted in a 3-0 victory.
TBS then played GEMS, the league winners, in this cup semi final. It was a close game and a mix up in front of the TBS goal gave GEMS the lead towards the end of the game. The final score of 1-0 meant a 3rd/4th play-off spot for TBS. 
The final game was played with great passion and two accurate shots on goal versus RatoBangala gave TBS a well deserved third place in the tournament. GEMS school took the overall cup and league title again this year. Roll on next season!