Primary Maths FOBISIA 16-19th March

Ms Wood and Mr Karki took four students from Year 6 to the Primary Maths FOBISIA competition in Kuala Lumpur.  Here is Shridha's (6D) account of the action: In Kuala Lumpur we went to many places to compete or to have fun. Our favourite part was the 'Egg-Coaster challenge'.  We had to build a roller coaster, out of bamboo, for a plastic egg. We could also have spiral and loops which earned us extra points.  Overall the competition was tough, but we worked well together and enjoyed ourselves.

Of course that was only the competition, but the most fun place was District 21 where there was maze, a tubby ride, and bumper cars. On Friday, we went bowling and on Saturday, due to the pool party being cancelled, we played on inflatable obstacles.

Overall, everything turned out to be really fun. We even had pizza on Friday. I was really glad to have got the opportunity to go.