Return to normalcy at TBS


TBS reopened last Wednesday (29th April) and all lessons are now running as usual. The older students are about to begin their public examinations tomorrow and we have rearranged the timetable slightly to accommodate all children and students who wanted to return to school.

We made the decision to reopen after careful consideration for a number of reasons.
Our buildings have been inspected and all the areas children will use are as safe as they were before the first earthquake on Saturday 25th April.
By getting the children back into their normal routines it gives them a chance to have fun, talk to each other about experiences and to be with teachers who can support them.
We want to help our parents return to their usual routine as far as possible and have a duty to help them through caring for their children
Many of our parents are experts in their fields and they need to be happy that their children are in a safe environment so they can concentrate on helping the people of Nepal.
It gives us the chance to support others - we are raising money for our partner schools and organisations, giving out immediate aid to those suffering close by, storing 20 tons of equipment for Medecins sans frontiere etc.
Our older students are sitting important public examinations and by trying to return to the usual routine it helps them prepare to do well in a few days time.