School closed on Thursday 7th December 2017

Dear Parents,

As you will know, Thursday 7th December is the date for the federal parliamentary and provincial assembly elections. Our preference had been to remain open whilst staying vigilant and monitoring the latest updates and advice from our usual sources.

However, after careful consideration and discussion of all advice with the Board of Governors, we have made the decision to close on Thursday, 7th December. Although, at this stage, we have no information that leads us to believe there is a significant additional security risk, taking into account the logistical challenges for staff and students travelling to and from school (given the travel ban) and our desire to support staff who wish to vote, we think it best to close.

To be clear, for normal bandhs or other Nepali holidays that fall in our term time, our school policy will always be to stay open unless it is unsafe to do so with parents making their own decisions about whether it is safe to travel. This is an exception as it is a very special case which should only occur every 5 years.

TBS students and children can find activities on their google classroom pages or primary class pages and TBS staff can be contacted by email if necessary.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and I hope you will understand the reasons for this decision.

Best wishes,
John Moore