School open tomorrow

As you will now probably know, all the children and staff were excellent again today going straight into their drills, ducking and covering before exiting buildings swiftly. We are all safe and sound here and although it was a worrying occasion again we have no new damage to buildings that we can see and we have engineers due to visit again tomorrow to double check everything. We will continue to be cautious and advise you and your families to continue to be extremely careful.

I completely understand any parent wanting to keep children off school on Wednesday and we will return to our protocols of using outside space, keeping the curriculum light, running public examinations and getting students and children learning and playing together again.

As last week, parents would be welcome to stay tomorrow if you want to stay and play or simply have a chance to talk with other parents.

Lunches will still be sold by Ti Amo but if children could bring a packed lunch and their own snacks it will cut down on demand.

They will all need lots of water, sunhat and sunscreen etc.

Best wishes to all families - stay safe - and our thoughts and best wishes are with all those who have suffered in this earthquake.