TBS Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) success

The PSAT is a preliminary or practice SAT test that allows students to get a feel for what taking the SAT is like as well as a giving them a score that helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses across the various sections. This is extremely useful in focusing student’s test preparation as well as helping them to begin to match themselves to suitable colleges in the USA. This is why 3.5 million students a year worldwide undertake this voluntary test.
For the first time in October, a group of 20 Year 11 and 12 TBS students undertook the gruelling PSAT over several hours. They were amongst the first brave cohort to trial the newly re-designed test that will face all SAT takers from April 2016, a huge advantage given that this new test means that all the expertise of previous students, family members and tutors is now out of date. The compulsory sections included maths (both algebra and advanced maths) as well as units on reading, writing, scientific data and history.
All performed very well, especially those in Year 11 who are a year younger than many of their competitors. Students receive both an individual score out of 1520 (the new maximum score) and also a percentile that enables them to compare their performance against other test takers. A performance in the 75th percentile and above is considered excellent, indicating that students have performed better than 75% of other test takers. Of our brave PSAT pioneers, 9 of our students, almost half, scored in the 75th percentile or above, 7 students getting above the 80th percentile and 3 scoring above the 90th - a very impressive feat.
Special mention goes to these 3 students. Jaeeun and Anindya in Year 12 both scored in the top 10% of all students worldwide and were in the amazing 98th percentile for the combined maths sections. Our best scorer, Joong in Year 11, produced a fantastic score that placed him in the 97th percentile worldwide, a feat worthy of the title “Commended Scholar” by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This is particularly impressive, as PSAT is usually taken by Year 12 or Juniors in the USA. For Joong to perform so well is a great credit to him given that he is a year younger!
PSAT is just the first step in making a successful university application to the USA, but the students here at TBS are already ahead of the game and look like they are ready for the challenge ahead.