U15 FOBISIA Team triumph in Phuket

Each of the seventeen TBS Yetis that travelled to Phuket to compete in the U15 games took home a medal and some of our competitors took home multiple medals. This is an amazing accomplishment considering the level of competition amongst the six schools that were at the games. Teams from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand were in attendance at the state of the art Thanyapura venue in Phuket. TBS opened the event with swimming success, winning 15 medals. The majority of our seven Athletics medals came from jumping events. The team games tournaments were tough days but TBS battled through with the boys Basketball team emerging as a team to watch going on to win bronze medals. Well done to Roisin, Anna, Shazadi, Amodini, Nabodita, Sam, William, Tenzin, Devansh, Mamuk, Phurba, Joel, Harish, Jayasth, Dorjee, Rigden and Pierrot!