Year 10 PSHE Photo Competiton

Year 10 had a photo competition for their PSHE lesson last week. Each student had to bring a photograph they particularly liked and explain to the class why they'd chosen it (see quotes below). The only rule was that the photo had to be taken by themselves.
Here are some of our favourites:

'The Horizon over the Lake' by Suryansh The picture is of me standing on the lakeside and the hills in front of me. I use a self-timer to take it. You can also see the reflection of the sky and the hills in the water.

Olive the Black Lab as a small puppy. 4 years old as of 17th January 2013.By Hamish

'Sometimes you just need to enjoy the simple things.......' by Uddhav

I like the picture as it was taken with perfect timing, creating a sculpture-like figure out of water. Also, it reminds me a lot of the trip our class went on to Borderlands. By Manjari

Three red pandas I saw in the Kumbu Valley when I was trekking with my family. By Hugues

'The Mysteries and Beauty of Nepal' by Karim