Year 7 Trip

Our trip to lake Taudaha and the Manjushree caves was a great inspiration to us. We learnt how to draw and annotate sketches as well as completing questionnaires by talking to the locals and tourists. The cave was small, dark, and very cramped, and our guide Sangita informed us how the cave was formed and the legend of Manjushree and the Kathmandu valley. In summary, this was a lot of fun and we learnt quite a lot about geography map skills.

After feeding the fish and watching them, (which I found it quite interesting to watch as they jumped over each other and gobble the food up) we arrived at the Manjushree caves to eat our lunch. We walked down past the Bagmati river to an area in the rock face where a door was in the side of the wall. The ones in the class who wanted to go down went down and the others went back up to do the sketch mapping and other activities up the top of Chobhar park. Then we went to a quarry and looked at the environmental impact it is having on the area. The day was enjoyable and fun to be apart of! But working on a clip board was hard!

By Nathan R & Conor L