Entry Assessment

The British School is an inclusive school and we believe in helping learners of all abilities. However it is important that we do assess students on entry so that we can place them in the right groups and can obtain an initial snapshot of how best to teach them in their early weeks with us.

For younger students up to Year 2, we invite children and parents for the transition morning which lasts about an hour. For Year 3 there are written tasks in English and Mathematics. This normally lasts about 45-60 minutes. From Year 4 upwards, students sit for an online assessment and a written task which lasts about 2 hours 30 minutes. Although this is a relatively long time all the tests are useful to us in getting to know your children intellectually.

For those children not in Kathmandu, it is possible to arrange long distance assessment through liaison with your child's current school. This allows us to get an initial impression of ability so we can reassure parents that we will be able to offer a place. The Admissions Officer will advise in such cases and this may allow us to offer a provisional place subject to TBS testing on arrival. 

Our students and children are keen to learn, ambitious and hard-working so it is important we meet children and the admissions test day is an opportunity for you and your children to ensure that we will suit you, rather than the opposite way round!