Welcome to Year 2

Continuous learning

For the start of this year, we will be resuming Continuous Learning at home using the Seesaw Class App. A video guide to this can be found here. You will still get notifications via the Seesaw Family App, however, children will need the Seesaw Class App to upload work and follow teacher instructions. Please email your child’s class teacher with any queries.

Children will get three ‘responsibility’ tasks each day (two from the class teacher and one from a specialist teacher each day) and a morning welcome video posted to their journal. Children will also receive daily ‘wellbeing possibilities’ – additional tasks and activities that children can choose to complete when or if they have time.

Finally, we will continue to expect children to read for 15 minutes (or more!) each day as well as completing a Reading Eggs spelling or comprehension task. In addition to physical books from the TBS library, you can find links to ebooks on the Continuous Learning page of our year group website. In particular, the Oxford Owl link gives free access to Book Band books (sign up required; video guide here).

The Big Read PDF versions of worksheets: The Dot, Anna Hibiscus, Esio Trot, Charlotte’s Web. When you complete them, post a photo of the sheet to Seesaw (in the ‘Reading’ folder). Links to support continuous learning at home:

You can find details of spellings and phonics patterns taught in Year 2 here.

Links to support continuous learning at home:


Online resources and games

Below are online resources and games which will support home learning.

Blast the Rocket – Help the rocket take off by choosing the correct spelling of the past tense words. Remember our rules from Word Work!

Penguins on Ice – Play ‘Which Mark?’ to practise punctuation. ‘Make a Sentence’ is good for checking that your sentences make sense! ‘Make it Interesting’ will let you use your fabulous Wow Words!

Balloon Joining Words – pick the right connective to complete the sentence – choose medium to practise this skill!

Balloon Verbs – can you pick out the verbs as they float by?

Balloon Nouns – can you pick out the nouns as they float by?

My Monster – use exciting adjectives to write a poem about a monster!

Silent KSilent GSilent W – race against the clock to unscramble our silent letter spelling words!

Letters and Sounds – we are focussing on vowel digraphs – have fun playing this game!

Alien Punctuation An ongoing development for Year 2 is the use of Full Stops – choose medium to practise this skill!

Alphablocks Videos – children adore watching these as a way of consolidating their phonics learning.

Love Reading (a great place to find new books with a whole range of categories!)

It is possible to apply phonics learning in many ways at home. Sometimes, this can be when you are reading with your child and you have them find the sounds in a word and then blend them to make they word. Children also enjoy playing games involving pairs, sorting, matching and building words with puzzle pieces. Playing games like this will help not only their reading but also their spelling.

Pronunciation Videos

Use the videos below to learn how to pronounce the letter sounds:

Top Marks

This website is great for learning games, especially times tables. Year 2 students need to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Play these games at home to keep learning.

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