Drama is committed to providing a challenging and creative environment, in which subject knowledge and performance skills are developed in conjunction with one another.

There is an emphasis on the practical elements and how they work alongside the context and history of theatre, as well as some of the practitioners theories that have shaped Drama today .Within the subject, the aim is to enable students to effectively express themselves, whilst learning new skills, having fun and developing a respect for others.

As part of the whole school curriculum, pupils will be provided with a rich and diverse experience of historical, cultural and practical aspects of the art form of drama. The breadth and balance of the Drama curriculum will ensure that pupils are taught how to create, perform and respond to Drama by working in a stimulating and highly challenging environment. They will be shown how the knowledge and skills addressed in drama are relevant to adult life in our society and how to communicate their opinions and beliefs and collaborate with others in creative and effective ways.

Students will be given the opportunity to devise their own performances from stimuli material, as well as to adapt and develop published material into performances. In addition, they are given opportunities to watch and learn from peers through varied and challenging performances both in school and from visiting touring theatre companies. Furthermore, in addition to class contact time we provide students with the opportunity to be a part of the school production, either in an acting or backstage capacity.

However, if students would purely like to devote more time to refining their performance work they can take part in the performance development clubs, in which students can rehearse their performance work or experiment with other ideas.

To see what the students get up to check out the twitter page – where photos and video’s are uploaded of the current activities. If you have any questions or queries regarding Drama you can email fmountjoy@tbs.edu.np


Drama is taught as a subject at TBS from years 7-11. Below is an outline of topics that are studied and photos and media from different units.

  • Introduction and baseline assessment
  • Mime
  • Storytelling
  • Greek Theatre
  • Devising and improvising
  • Introduction and baseline assessment
  • Commedia dell’Arte
  • Physical theatre and scripted storytelling
  • Devised storytelling
  • Improvisation and devising
  • Naturalism and Stanislavski
  • Melodrama
  • Surrealism and non-naturalism
  • Theatre in Education
  • Skills acquisition
  • Devised mock
  • Scripted performance
  • Scenographical elements
  • Monologues
  • Reviewing a “live” performance
  • Devised
  • Devised Coursework
  • Monologue Coursework
  • Scripted Coursework
  • Exam Preparation (Pre-release)

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