Manisha Bajracharya

Admissions Manager

The British School is a truly international school providing a British education for over 40 nationalities.

We take new children and students throughout the year if we have suitable spaces. There is an entry assessment for all students prior to admissions so we know each child’s strength and areas of development as soon as they arrive so we can support them appropriately on their learning journey. TBS is characterised by its friendly community and new parents can meet other parents (the TBS Owls) at the parent coffee stand and new learners are allocated special friends and buddies to help them quickly settle in.

We have produced a TBS Admissions Policy and Procedure which we hope will guide you further in applying to TBS and in understanding more about the school.

The best way to experience the environment and atmosphere of the school is to come and visit us. We are happy to show you around the facilities, introduce you to members of the TBS team and answer any questions that you may have about what we do.

If you wish to express an interest in your child/children attending The British School in Kathmandu please fill in the Inquiry form or write to our admissions manager at with your details/queries.

TBS Admission Policy

TBS Admission Policy

Fee Schedule 2024-25

Fee Schedule 2024-25

Frequently Asked Questions

Timings are currently different due to COVID guidelines. However, children should arrive at school between 8.00am and 8.15am. Foundation 1 to Year 1 children go straight to their classroom and Years 2 to 6 children line up in front of the primary buildings with the rest of their class. Secondary students make their way to their lockers where they organize their equipment for the day then proceed to their mentor rooms for mentor time. Children should not be left unsupervised anywhere on the school grounds before 8am.

All our UK trained teachers are used to having 30 students in their class. However, we prefer to work with smaller class sizes. Most classes will generally be no bigger than 22 or 23 in primary and smaller than this in most secondary subject lessons. They can be as small as 2 or 3 students in some A Level classes. We have an extremely generous teacher/class learning support/learning support to student ratio of 1 academic professional to every 4 learners.

No, but many children choose to wear their PE uniform or house T shirts during the rest of the week as well as during their PE lessons and other school sports activities. This can be purchased from our community shop​.

Most of our teaching staff are British nationals but we also have teachers from various other countries like Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, and Netherlands. They are all fully trained and have either taught in the UK or taught the UK curriculum internationally.

Yes, school has a very well staffed ​Learning support department​. Also please check the policy – TBS Learning Support Policy We have regular visits from an educational psychologist from the UK and we have our own Speech and Language Therapist. We also have a full time school counsellor to support children with any emotional issues that they may face.

If your child is sick, s/he will be taken to the school nurse accompanied by an assistant if in primary or a sick note will be issued from the teacher if in secondary. If your son or daughter needs to be sent home, the school nurse will contact parents and inform them about the situation. More details – TBS Administration of Medicines to Children Policy

The school strictly follows a zero tolerance approach with bullying. More details – ​TBS Anti Bullying Policy Parents will be consulted if there is a case of bullying and we will work proactively with all parties to ensure all children are free from any form of bullying. Our children are generally excellent and treat each other extremely kindly. We monitor their well-being and happiness constantly and liaise with parents closely.

The school is rich in diversity. Currently, the school has more than 40 different nationalities, with the highest number of international students being British nationals. We try to be inclusive in every way and celebrate our international character with regular cultural and celebratory events such as our international week and in the taught curriculum.

Yes, school has a transportation service which covers most areas of Kathmandu and Patan. To find out more about the routes and seat availability, please contact the ​Finance department​. As an Eco school we try to adjust routes to suit parents so we can reduce individual travel where possible.

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