Music Department Vision

The TBS Music Department strongly believes in offering all round music education to its students and in order to learn and experience music in all its fruitions and all its manifestations from Western Classical to Rock, from Jazz to Musique Concrete.

For this reason the TBS Music Department believes that the role of music education in the school is to enhance and expand creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, literacy, flexibility, self-direction, social, cross-cultural, productivity, accountability, leadership, and responsibility in students through the integration of music in the teaching/learning process.

Music education is both an individual process and a collaborative group experience that provides an enduring understanding of concepts that transcend grade levels and enables responsible individuals to become contributing members of society and to communicate in a global society.

The Music Department will also develop and produce new and innovative ways to give our students, parents and all other internal and external clients musical skills and knowledge in interactive and participatory ways.


The TBS Music department promotes the acceptance and adoption of the IPC, KS3 Music Curriculum and the Edexcel GCSE Music syllabus together with the London College of Music and Registry of Guitar Tutors boards of examinations.

The Music Department ‘teaching and learning’ policy is based on various pedagogic approaches such as the Kodály and Suzuki methods, and Musical Futures across all levels of abilities and age groups.

Lessons are planned and delivered with a conscious effort in making sure to adapt to the needs of every student by letting them react to evolving circumstances and allow them time to adapt as needed, especially when delivering stylistic specific music genres and concepts.

The TBS Music Department runs workshop style lessons in conjunction with theory & harmony sessions. The music department strongly believes in the importance for each child to be able to practice a musical instrument during EVERY lesson in order to build confidence, as well as to build a solid musical vocabulary that can be put to practice and use for the very important listening and appraising aspect.

We place a strong emphasis on Music Technology, therefore, ICT is deployed in every lesson to let students put into practice theoretical notions acquired in the class by utilising cutting edge music software like Logic or Cubase (senior students) or Garage band running on iPads (juniors).

The TBS Music Department is very eager to give as much exposure to music fruition to its students as possible.

In order to accomplish that the music department has a clear schedule for lunch and afternoon clubs. These clubs are designed to support the students who would like to play an instrument but do not have the necessary skills and for the student who is already of good level and would like to progress further with his technique and music comprehension.

There are several opportunities for TBS students to perform in front of an audience, being so for morning assemblies, international days, formal school events, lunchtime concerts outside the music department or FOBISIA organised-events.

There are several music concerts organised throughout the academic year and all students are encouraged to take part. Participation in concerts will always be open to everyone!

Community Music

The TBS Music department is actively involved in bringing music education and make it accessible to all TBS community partners as well as professionals within the community. All projects have sustainability and organic growth at its core.

The London College of Music examination grades has been set up with the community in mind, hence the lower fees. We hope to support as many musicians as possible to obtain formal qualifications. If you play an instrument and would like to discuss what professional qualifications are on offer, please feel free to navigate this website – Instrumental Lessons, LCM Diplomas or feel free to get in touch with us.

We are currently supporting various semi-professional musicians from the Kathmandu Valley and we have been able to connect them not only to our institution but also to professional establishments like the Cottbus Philharmonic Orchestra, for example. If you are a musician and would like to have access to playing with an orchestra and receive a music direction, please feel free to contact Mr. Munikar (

Instrumental Lessons

The TBS Music Department is now the London College of Music examination centre in Nepal. Examinations will be available once a year and will allow all our students as well as musicians from our community to sit for the grade examinations. This has been envisaged to support our parents but also to give a better opportunity to our local community to access formal music certifications and awards.

The registration process for Instrumental Music Lessons 2020-21 in Term 1 & 2 is now open. If your child would like continue or begin instrumental lessons then please complete this Registration Form no later than Friday 24th August. You may also inform Ms. Barbara Freeman (, in person or by email. Instrumental lessons will commence in Week 3 of Term 1.

The Current TBS peripatetic provision covers the following instruments and it covers age groups from Y2 to Y13:

Violin – Mr. Sabin Munikar

Piano- Mr. Krishna Neupane

Drums – Bhushan Amatya

Lessons are 20 minutes long, once per week and take place during curriculum time ( between 8:40-14:30). Lessons are free and open to all TBS students.

If you would like to sign-up please contact Ms. Barbara Freeman( She will be very happy to guide you and suggest suitable paths.

Rotation System:

Students will take one 20 minute lesson per week at a specific day and time slot.

Every week students will be assigned a new day/time slots making sure each student does not miss the same curriculum lesson throughout the remaining of the academic year.


Music Clubs take place after school and during lunchtimes and cater for all students of TBS.

Please click on the relevant Term to see the Music Clubs on offer for both Primary and Secondary students.

We offer clubs that focus on different aspect of music fruition and are designed to inform and extend the learning that takes place during curriculum time lessons.

Music clubs are also beneficial for students who are interested in picking up an instrument and want to give it a try, for students who have a passion for music but cannot access instrumental lessons and for students who want to expand their learning beyond.

They are particularly crucial for all students who are taking instrumental lessons as they will have an opportunity to put into action what they have learned with their instrumental teachers.

Clubs span from Orchestras, Jazz and Rock Bands, Ukulele and Percussion Ensembles to Music Technology.

London College of Music Exams

London College Music Practical Exams – These will take place in February and June of every year.
TBS Kathmandu has been offering Examination Grades (Steps to Grade 8 ) to all students and members of the community on different instruments.

We also offer Diploma Performing Arts and Music as part of alternative pathways at 6th Form.

If you are interested please click/tap on the following links for more detailed information:
London College of Music – Subjects

For any further queries please send an email to

Music Videos

TBS Recording Studio

The Recording Studio at TBS is fully equipped and functional. It serves the purpose to provide students with the possibility to record music performances but also to learn how to use state-of-the-art technology to compose and produce their own work.