Sally Moulds

Head of Primary School

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers and Prospective Parents.

At The British School (TBS) we aim to achieve the very best in all that we do. We have a culture of high expectations for all our students and staff and this translates into excellence and kindness in how we approach our learning, our work and our relationships. We are passionate educators and deeply enjoy our focus on learning and teaching. 

We are part of a unique, inclusive community where each individual is valued and listened to. In Primary we follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as we believe this embraces our commitment to an interdisciplinary and cross curricular way of learning, integrating knowledge, skills and understanding. It also celebrates and promotes the international mindedness we seek to nurture in all our learners. A commitment to curiosity, independent learning, imaginative response and a willingness not to be afraid to make mistakes in our learning is a shared value amongst all our teachers and students. We believe this provides relevant context, supports life-long learning and values the children’s interests and backgrounds at every opportunity.

We embrace the many opportunities to integrate ICT into our learning, and increasingly look for new ways to use technological tools to be creative. Early Years use the Tapestry e-learning platform, while all Primary students, teachers and parents utlise Seesaw to share, celebrate, assess and document learning. 

At TBS we provide a wide range of extracurricular and residential programme activities. These enable our students to explore their passions and interests beyond the classroom and to learn about the local environment and beautiful country in which we live. We offer sporting, creative and community-linked activities, which draw on the expertise of our staff, our local coaches and partners in the community. We are also very proud of our Primary Forest School provision, which allows students in our Early Years Stage (three to five years) and Key Stage 1 (ages five to seven) to learn about how to care for, take risks in and responsibly enjoy outdoor environments. These all provide unique opportunities for our students to experience  the rich culture and challenges that exist in Nepal.

Within our Early Years Stage the children are given many opportunities to interact in positive relationships and in enabling environments which foster the characteristics of effective learning through playing and exploring, active learning, appropriate risk-taking and being creative and thinking critically. On reaching Foundation 2, the children are able to adjust to the needs of slightly more formal schooling, while still having plenty of opportunity to learn and discover through self-initiated activities and play.

I am truly proud to have such wonderful colleagues and inspirational children to work with everyday. We are privileged to live and work in such an amazing country like Nepal – a country that never ceases to surprise. Surprised by Joy wrote C.S. Lewis; I look forward to welcoming you to The British School where I am sure you too will be surprised by the joy of being part of the TBS Community.


In the Primary School at TBS we believe that the curriculum is a powerful tool that promotes  a love of learning, a willingness to explore and time to reflect and enjoy learning. We believe in the value of controlled and safe risk-taking and providing clear opportunities for supported failure, as we believe students learn as much from their mistakes as when they get something right the first time! We are proud to use the National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum as a starting point for a series of ambitious, wide and varied learning experiences for all children, building on previous knowledge and securing understanding. We enrich it through our commitment to developing children’s international mindedness and the development of key learning elements (embodied in our ‘Learning Animals’) and our whole school commitment to the 5Cs: Compassion, Challenge, Creativity, Community and Confidence – all attributes which embody our mission and vision. We are committed to developing the whole child.

Our children will have the opportunity to be creative, to be physically active and to be academically challenged. We assess students’ learning continuously and at summative points, and provide meaningful and developmental feedback. The curriculum at TBS  evolves and is adapted to the needs of our diverse student population and to the aspirations of staff and our international community. We are continually reviewing and improving the curriculum we offer to ensure it is fit for purpose and prepares students for the unknown opportunities and challenges that they will face in the future.

Student Achievement

At TBS Primary we acknowledge that continuous improvement cannot take place without a unity of purpose and collaboration within our school community.  The information we gather each year through assessments, monitoring and evaluating our practices, tracking student achievement and studying educational research has helped us to create a process for insightful curriculum development and ongoing refinement of how we assess and identify student achievement.

We utilize a range of assessment tools to identify, track and support student learning.

Our students make excellent progress academically. They also develop the qualities and learning attributes of resilience, co-operation, communication, responsibility, adaptability, inquisitiveness and deep and thoughtful thinking.